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Weekend Update - New Weekend THEME is "RIDES"

I am in Florida visiting my grandfather this weekend but I still wanted to share with you the NEW WEEKEND THEME. As you see from the video above I have this pretty cool blue mustang rental for a few days while I am here. That gave me the idea of making the new theme “RIDES”.

Keep in mind this does not mean that you must shoot cars as there are plenty of things that fit the theme “RIDES”. You have mopeds, motor scooters, kids toys, amusement parks even a teeter-totter.

Lets see what you come up with for the weekend of May 5th and 6th. As always you can shoot your images Friday-Tuesday and in order to be part of the Top 5 contest to win a BlackRapid the images must be uploaded before Thursday 6pm.

Being that I am away this weekend last weekends theme of “Low Angle” will be uploaded at the end of this week along with the Top 5 form “RIDES”.

Don’t forget that I am looking to see who you are and where you are from. Please make a video saying My name is ______ From ______ and I SHOOT RAW and upload it as a video response to any of my videos on YouTube. I will include it in a playlist of other submissions. You can check out the 100+ submissions in the playlist below.