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Top 4 From August 27 and 28th

The weekend theme was “weather” and I ended up picking the Top 4 this week. Remember that you don’t have to follow the theme each weekend, the theme is just a guide to help people with something to shoot. Sure I know that weather is not the easiest thing to come up with for a concept and thats probably my fault. But if you think about it, you would shoot puddles, the aftermath of rain. You could shoot sun burn on a babies butt. There are so many ideas that are coming to mind so try to think a few steps beyond what the exact term for the weekend is.

This weekend lets look at “Family” as the new theme. This could be anything from a family of stuffed animals to flowers and of course people in your family. Try to think outside the box with what you can shoot, change your angles get creative make those pictures that make people go WOW. I have extended the time frame for shooting this theme until Tuesday of the week to give you a little more time to capture those creative images.


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#1 znil78

#2 IG-J

#3 Blue PitBull

#4 Nerevar