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Top 5 From August 20th and 21st

Something NEW Right Here

The weekend assignment was “Window Light” and we had a ton of entries which you can see in the video below. I liked that so many of you set up your own photo shoots to try out the assignment. That is exactly the point of the weekend assignment, to get out there and just shoot. That is pretty much what you would get if you were in photography school. We had all types of assignments meant to make us think as well as challenge us.

I tried something new as well this week. When I was selecting the top 5 I also downloaded some images to critique and give some pointers. I think it is important to try and give critiques on the photos that are close or that could just use some tips. You can see that video below. Being that this is the first week for that please let me know your feedback for that new video.

Check out the video for the TOP 5 from this week and be sure to VOTE for your favorite using the FACEBOOK comment box below. Click the LIKE next to the number that corresponds to the image that you are voting for. Be sure to leave a comment as well as you will be entered to win some FREE prints from AdoramaPix along with the top vote getter.

The NEW WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT is “Weather” this is the weather where you are so lets see what you can come up with. CLICK HERE to post your images.

#1 MJF_Photo

#2 seanswitz

#3 chrisrehm

#4 Thomas_Spiller

#5 MikkelWilliam