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Top 5 From Aug 25th and 26th the New theme is "In Dreams"

This week it was time to try something new and have a guest select the top 5. Ryan aka Killkennycat went through all of this weeks photos to select her top 5. I had ZERO say in her select but I did select the images for the critique. Be sure to VOTE below to help someone win a BlackRapid strap!!!!

Ryan had such a great idea for the new weekend theme that we decided to run with it. Before I tell you what the theme is we have some new weekend rules for you. In order to be selected for the Top 5 you image has to match the theme. When you post your images please take a few seconds to explain how it fits in the theme. You can still post images that you took that don’t match the theme and they can still be selected for the critique and honorable mention section.

The NEW THEME for the weekend of Sep 1st and 2nd is “In Dreams”. This is a very open theme, what do you dream about, is it a car, is it space is it something totally off the wall? Does it have to do with sheep helping you to get to the dreaming part? Go out there and create some amazing images this weekend and be sure to leave a quick explanation on how it fits into the theme.

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