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Top 6 from August 11th and 12th New Theme "School"

Bellow you will find the TOP 6 this week!!! I was having a tough time between two files so I decided to include them all and you can decide on the best one and who will WIN the BlackRapid Strap. Don’t forget to click the Like button on the side as well as leave a comment in the facebook comment box below.

The NEW THEME is “School”. It is that time of year again where kids are heading back to school. What are you going to create that fits the theme of school. Will you do a picture on a school bus? Will it be smoking in the boys room or will it be something like to hot for teacher. There are so many things you could do including putting someone in the locker!!!

Be sure to post your images RIGHT HERE on the FroKnowsPhoto Forum to be entered to WIN the Top 5 and to make the critique.







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