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Top 5 From Sep 1st and 2nd the New Theme is "Silence"

This week we have Eric Rossi selecting the Top 5 and I think he did a steller job. He selected images that matched the theme as well as explaining why their image fits. Please take a minute to VOTE for your favorite so they can win a BlackRapid Strap!!!!

The NEW THEME is “Silence” and I think you guys are going to come up with some amazing ideas for this theme. The goal of the weekend theme is to get you to think outside the box and challenge yourself to capture amazing images. Well the next top 5 will be selected from images that match and explain how they fit into silence.

Now because I will be away in the UK and Germany next week the theme will cover this weekend and next. That means you can shoot from September 8th until 18th and submit your images by the 19th. Be sure to explain how your images fits the theme and good luck.

Don’t forget to vote below!!! CLICK HERE to submit your images in the forum.






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