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Fro Film Project All 36 Shots From A Roll of 3200 Speed Film

Back in February I loaded up my Nikon F5 with a roll of Ilford 3200 Speed Black and White Film. My goal was to see what I could do in 36 shots with one roll of film.

It has honestly been a long time since I shot a roll of film and I must say, it is pretty scary at first. It is a totally different mentality, you have to be secure in your exposure. You don’t get to see the results instantly you sometimes have to wait months.

I remember what I did after taking the first frame, I went to check the image on the back of the camera only to realize that was not going to happen.

Another funny thing happened though, I switched back to shooting with my Nikon D4 after I was done with the roll of film. I went from shooting stills to video in a matter of seconds and felt like my creativity level was going through the roof. Having the modern digital SLR made me realize that I can do so much more with todays cameras then I ever could with film. Now that does not mean it’s better today it just means I feel more productive.

Click the image below to see all 36 Frames from this roll of film