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I Found Them Under My Bed: FroFilmProject My Negatives

I knew right where to find all my negatives from all the concerts I shot on film, under my bed. One thing that I knew was very important was to keep my negatives organized.

Some of you will remember taking your images to a lab to be processed and getting them back with the negs cut into strips of four and in plastic sleeves. First things first pros would have their negs cut into strips of five and than placed into archival negative sleeves. That is exactly what I ended up doing and continuing to do until I retired my film cameras.

As I look back in this book of negatives I have some strange numbers that I have no clue what they mean anymore. But I do have the date, location and name of the band that I photographed. I also made a point to leave a sharpie dot on above the frames that were the keepers.

The way we filed our images in the past is pretty similar to how we organize our images digitally.

I will keep these negatives in this book and maybe one day break them out again to see the light of day.

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