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How to turn a DSLR into a $4,000 Peephole

Like the title says, this is how to turn a functioning DSLR into a peephole. I want to let you know that I do not leave the Nikon D800 on the door, that privilege goes to the Nikon N90s film camera.

Everyone knows I like to be different and do things slightly different. When I moved into my new loft and there was no peephole in the door I got the bright idea to turn a SLR and Lens into my peephole.

The first issue was picking the right lens for the job. The lens could not be to long or it would stick out the other side of the door. It also couldn’t be too short or you would never be able to attach an actual camera to it.

So my construction guys came up with the idea to get a PVC pipe, cut a hole in the fire proof door, glue the PVC pipe and slide the lens into it. We got lucky in the fact that the lens fit perfectly into the 2 1/2 inch diameter.

Now when people come to my door I can look through the camera, focus and take pictures of who ever is standing there.

I may attach a DSLR to it from time to time to take pictures of people when they come to my door without knowing I am taking their picture. That would make for a fun scrap book, catching people off guard in pictures.

One thing to think about is if you live outside this may not work for you. I luckily live in a building where my entrance opens up in the inside.