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CONFESSION - I used to shoot sports in FULL AUTO and here are the results: FroFilmProject

I know it’s not much of a confession but when I first started shooting at the age of 13 I was in full auto. Even worse I was shooting sports in the running man mode.

Now take a look at the year, it was 1994 / 95 so there was pretty much no internet for me to educate myself, I was shooting blind. On top of everything else I was shooting film as digital was still a solid decade away.

The point in me making these videos is to show you where I started and how I was not very good but I was trying. I think in this day and age new photographers expect to be experts in a matter of months or maybe a matter of years. But I was still shooting in auto modes when I got to college.

It takes time, it takes A LOT OF TIME to start to feel comfortable. The best way to learn is to SHOOT SHOOT and guess what, SHOOT.