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Shooting a concert with my Nikon F5 and Fuji Press 800 Film: FroFilmProject

There is nothing like breaking out my old film camera and fuji press 800 to shoot a concert. First off its not easy to find fuji press 800 any more as it has been discontinued. This film was my film of choice for all things action, sports and concerts. It held up very well in low light situations and allowed you some latitude to push if needed.

Now this film is nothing like what you can get with your digital SLR. Where we are used to pushing our ISO to 4000 or 6400 we were pushing the limits of film at 800 with the Fuji Press. Non the less the film was great used by just about all the pros I knew.

So the point of shooting film at this concert was just to shoot film. I wanted to relive shooting the Nikon F5 which was not easy at all. First there are only five focusing points and guess what color they are? They are all black, so that means if you are shooting in a dark situation you wont be able to see the points. Yup, they did not light up red just yet.

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The funny thing is I accidentally took a picture and was like “doh” I just wasted a frame. It is a totally different mentality where you want to make every frame count. Sure we may think that with our digitals but you have space for hundreds of images per card.

I really enjoyed shooting part of the dhow with film. You don’t get to see your results and you have to trust in your settings and live with the results.

When I saw the images on the computer the first thing I noticed was the depth that was captured. The images are sharp, not like what you see with digital cameras, there was a depth that is just hard to explain.

If you have never experienced shooting film I suggest you pick up a roll of film, fire it off and wait to see the results at a local lab.

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