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Adam talks about Film vs Digital

Since the dawn of the digital camera age people have been comparing “Film vs Digital” and trying to figure out which is better.

Adam put together a video where he showcases two images, one taken with a D700 and the other with an old Russian camera. There is a difference between film and digital with plusses and minuses to both.

There is a snap crackle and pop to film that is sometimes missing in digital. A lot of people who have not shot film really don’t see it which is ok because its not your fault were in a digital age. But there is something about the dimension you get from the film emulsion.

I think my love for thick contrast AKA making it go BOOOM comes from my love for high contrast when processing and developing my film. I would get yelled out in school for blowing out the highlights all the time but to me it was more about the image and capturing the expression than worrying about tone not being in the forehead.

Thats my personal style and I continue to live by it to this day. If you do get the chance to pick up a film camera, put a roll of 36 in there and just go on instinct. I know the last time I picked up my F5 to shoot film I went back mentally 10 years to get into the film shooting mindset. That mindset is you have only 36 shots so make them count and make sure your meter is not giving you a false reading.

I still hope to record an all out start to finish black and white film journey, I am sure Adam will be up for that.

Film vs Digital