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AdoramaPIX Aluminyzed Metal Prints and Contest

Last month AdroamaPIX announced Aluminyzed Metal Prints and I thought to myself who would want to print their photos on metal? Well, AdoramaPIX asked me to order some prints and to find out for myself.

CHECK OUT BELOW to see how you can WIN one of these Metal Prints from the video.

I chose to order one of each option that they offer in the size of 20×30 with the wall mount already included. The first option allows the metal to come through where white normally would be. The second option prints your image on a white surface allowing your image to really pop off the metal.

What is so cool about these prints is they are water and weather proof because your image is infused right into the metal. These prints are also scratch resistant. I was skeptical about that but after attempting to scratch one of the prints I was pleasantly surprised that I could not scratch it. If you do get dust or finger prints on these prints you can simple use windex to clean them off without any issues.

So who is a metal print for and is it worth the price? Let me tell you that at first I thought $169.99 for the 20×30 print was a little high. But after thinking about it for a while I came to realize that you pretty much are getting a finished product that is very durable, stylish and ready to hang on your wall. If you have ever tried to get a 20×30 print framed you would know to do it properly you may have to spend up to $200 to do it right. Simply having a print that has a mount built into it will save you time and money. Did I mention that metal prints are pretty darn stylish?

All and all I think this is a great idea for your clients, family or your own wall. I asked AdoramaPIX to offer you guys a discount if you would like to try them out for yourself. Please use Code pxfrometal to get 40% off your Aluminyzed Metal Prints until July 17th 2012.

In the video I mentioned a contest to WIN one of the prints. That is right I will be giving away one of these prints signed. The contest is pretty simple, leave a comment below in the Facebook comments on which print you would like of the two and your thoughts on these metal prints. Secondly if this post gets 1K LIKES I will talk AdoramamPIX into allowing me to randomly select one person to WIN a FREE Aluminyzed Metal Print. The contest will end Sunday July 8th at 11:59pm. I will announce a winner the following week.