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BTS Fashion Photo Shoot

Here’s a really fun behind-the-scenes time-lapse video my assistant Richie made on a recent photo shoot we did in New York City for Bass Shoes. This was a super-long day at a really sweet studio and in this video you guys get to see everything from set-up to break-down. There are so many moving parts to a shoot and so many people, but this was a great crew and we knocked it out.

You can see how we setup the lights and modifiers, how we set up our workstation, how we would shoot then review with the art director and marketing folks, how the stylist set up the shots, me going up and down a ladder many, many, many times and a whole lot more. Throughout the video, I give a play by play account of how the day is going and what’s going on so that you can get a sense of what was happening.

So sit back and enjoy this killer behind-the-scenes time-lapse video – I know I really enjoyed watching it myself!

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