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The 1D X is PURE WOW - Download these RAW files and see for yourself

A BIG Thank You to for sending me the Canon 1D X and lenses to test it out against my Nikon D4.

This is a quick preview of some of the images I captured while using the 1D X at a recent concert event. The pure clarity, sharpness, tone and color is just INSANE.

I had only had this camera for a week before I took it onto a paying job. The only way to really test this camera out is to use it and use it on real jobs.

I will be doing a ful review and more as soon as I can.

Be sure to DOWNLOAD the RAW files and see the quality for yourself. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD two RAW Files from the Canon 1D X.

You have permission to download and edit the photos but you do not have permission to sell them or try and make money off of them. Please only edit and share the files and do not try to sell them or claim them for your own.

Click this image for the 1:1 Crop in Lightroom screen grab.

Canon 1D X RAWfile Download of Gary Clark Jr.