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Digital Photography Critique #008

This week, Jared joins me for another edition of the Friday Flickr Photo Critique. This photoset really stood out because George’s eye for natural light, composition, lines and shadows is top notch. His framing is really interesting and seems to have a great way of always drawing you in to his photos.

I selected this set because it opens the discussion about different styles of photography. George does a great job capturing urban isolation in a variety of places – from the streets of Cypress Greece, to the streets of Montreal. I give him props for his great eye for not only seeing moments with people, but for his attention to detail with light, shapes and patterns in his framing. It’s great to have The Fro on board for this critique because he’s got a cool way of seeing and discussing photos that adds a lot to this critique.

We were both impressed with George’s photoset and are only offering our opinions which at times may seem harsh, but are honest and full of encouragement, so great job George and keep up the good work!

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