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Digital Photography Tips - Intervalometer - Time Lapse Photography

There are so many hidden nuggets in our DSLR’s that we either don’t know about or seldom use.  One of them is the Intervalometer which many of you probably never even heard of, but in this video Adam is not only going to explain what it is, he will show you how to use it.

This video may be a bit more intermediate, but from beginners to pros, learning how to create simple Time-Lapse videos with your DSLR’s built-in intervalometer is one of those wow features.

This is just one video in an ongoing series of videos that Adam will be creating both here and on his YouTube channel. CLICK HERE to subscribe.

Here are 7 tips that Adam included in his video
1 Set your camera on a tripod
2 Aperture Priority
3 Manual Focus – turn off AF
4 Make sure your battery is full
5 Lowest ISO setting
6 Use Matrix Metering
7 Have Fun!