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Digital Photography Tips - Sports

A little while ago I asked who was in my general area and would like to come out and photograph a real baseball game with me. We had a lot of readers e mail in and I selected six to join me for a day at the Camden River Sharks game. This is a first in what I hope will be long running tradition of having readers join me on photo shoots to learn. This is the real world Super Secret Project where we actually go out and learn together.

After taking a tour of the stadium to see where we were aloud to shoot from we sat in the dugout for a learning session. As you will see in the video we discussed the basics of photographing baseball. Everything from where we will be standing to proper composition to how not to get hit with a foul ball.

Everyone had a blast learning and shooting. At the end of the video you will see a walk through of the images I captured as well as a critique of some of the readers photos. This is another long form video so let me know what you think of the format and what you are learning from it.

Gizzy’s Photos shot with the d3000