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Photographing Dr Steve - An Environmental Portrait

Dr. Steve is a long time family friend who has amazing stories. I called Dr. Steve to see if he would take some time and allow me to film his stories.

I showed up one Saturday at Noon and didn’t leave until 5:30. We sat and talked for over 5 hours, 3 of which I recorded video of. I may cut some of that video to share with you at some point but for now here are some of the still images I captured.

I showcase my favorite one from the set and give it a nice black and white edit in Lightroom 4. I also give you a look at some of the other images I captured. I honestly only spent a few minuts taking images but that was all I needed.

I love capturing people in their environment, you get to see every little detail and capture it. This is one of the reasons that I started to shoot a lot of ultra wide angles. One because you can capture amazing shots of people but two because of how much extra information is captured in the images. From the pictures on the walls to the pens on the desks, you never know what you are going to find.

Dr Steve
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