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Edit this RAW File Week 37 - Off-Roading

Bam Bam Pow its time for the RAW edit of the week number 37. This week we have a pretty interesting photo of a bunch of girls in a crazy off road vehicle.

In the core of editing, I chose to go black and white and Adam chose to crop the image square while editing it in both black and white and color. I really like what he did with the black and white and the square crop does cut out a lot of the distractions in the background. I am going to have to go back and watch how he edited the black and white to pick up a few pointers for myself.

How would you edit this file? CLCIK HERE to access the RAW file via this link. Be sure to post your images there and on facebook if you would like. If you have a RAW file to send in please send it to and maybe we will choose to edit it next week for you.

Adam’s Edit 1

Adam Edit 2
Adam’s Edit 2
Adam Edit 1

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit