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Edit this RAW File Week 40 - Adam Rosenberg

There seems to be a pattern that after I do a 5 min portrait video I like to open up one of the RAW files for the next RAW edit.

This week you get to edit a RAW file that I took of Adam Rosenberg with his Nikon D3100 and Kit 18-55 VR Lens. As an extra bonus I will be giving away some FREE prints from AdoramaPix to the best RAW Edit with explanation of how you edited it in the FroForum.

Click Here to download the RAW FILE #40

If you would like to submit a RAW file for EDIT please send it to along with your full res jpeg.

Adam’s Edit

Adam's Raw Edit

Jared’s Edit Color

Jared's Edit Color

Jared’s Edit B+W

Jared's Edit B+W