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Friday Flickr Photo Critique #030

This week’s photoset comes from Keagan Oka. Streetshots shot with a Canon 60D and 50mm lens nicely processed in black and white.

What drew me to Keagan’s photoset was the consistent look of his candid streetshots. He does a great job of isolating his subjects relative to the background and captures ordinary people in ordinary situations. Somewhat like he’s telling the story of everyday life around his city thru the people that inhabit it.

I also like that Keagan is shooting with a 50mm lens and really getting to know his camera thru that focal length. He does a great job blowing out the backgrounds to help provide interest to his subjects with leaving enough there to get the context of the frame.

As always, these critiques are only my opinions and if I seem harsh at times, it’s only because I see real potential. So nice job Keagan and keep up the great work!

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