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Fro Film Project Episode #004 - Selecting the Right FILM

Film, yes that stuff that goes in the back of a camera and gets exposed to light, how do you select the right one? There are so many different choices, well there used to be more but you have to decide what speed film, should it be black and white, should it be punchy or neutral.

You had to make a decision before you ever went to the shoot to make sure you had enough film, the right speed film and the right type of emulsion for the shoot you were on.

If you loaded a roll you had to live with it for the next 36 or so shots before you could put something else in. Sure you could rewind it early but you just wasted money on un used frames.

I personally loved contrasty film like Kodak VC which stood for Vibrant Contrast opposed to NC which was Neutral Contrast. When it came to black and white I liked using the ilford HP5 and sometimes the Delta 3200.