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Fro Film Project Episode #002 - Buying the right Film Camera

Now that I have started the FroFilmProject a lot of people have been asking what is a good starter film camera to buy? Let me start out by saying it’s not like trying to find the right digital camera. You don’t have to worry about megapixels or buffers or anything that you are used to.

What it comes down to is, does the camera accept lenses, does it have a working light meter, does the shutter work and can you set your settings manually. The film is going to generally expose the same in an expensive camera as it is in a cheap one. Again it comes down to GLASS GLASS GLASS x seven.

If you have never shot film I do recommend trying it out. The first place you can check out for some quality used bodies is Allens Camera, give them a call at 215.547.2841. Ask them for the FroFilmProject discount and maybe they can work you a killer deal on an old film camera.

If you already have a specific camera system and a bunch of full frame lenses not DX then try to pick up a camera that accepts your lenses. In all honesty pick up a 50mm and go to town, just shoot with that one lenses.

Everything still works the same when it comes to getting your exposure, read the meter and use your brain to determine if it makes sense. The only difference here is you don’t get to see a preview after you take the image.

If Allens does not have what you are looking for your can find some amazing buys on Ebay. I just purchased a Nikon F4 for $150, is that over priced or just right, who knows. You can find something like a Nikon F5 or Nikon F100 for a couple bills and have an amazing film camera.

I hope you are enjoying the FroFilmProject and decide to go pick up some film to shoot.