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How to freeze motion

In honor of Leap Year I wanted to talk to you guys about how to capture motion and specifically how to capture someone jumping in the air! There are a few basics you need to know and in this video I talk about that and show some examples of runners from the New York Marathon that I shot and froze the motion so that they’re in the air.

Here’s some basics to keep in mind:
• Use a DSLR that has a fast shutter speed of at least 1/500 sec.
• If you need to add more light, bump up your ISO.
• Shoot at the peak of the jump – and although panning is cool and worth experimenting with, you may get motion blur in your background..
• Use AF-C not AF-S. You can also pre-focus manually, but that may prove more challenging.
• Shoot from a low-angle to emphasize the jump!
• Work with your subject and review images until you’re in sync.
• You can also fire a flash, but go for a short duration to freeze motion.
• Have fun!

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