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How to Load Film into a SLR

As I continue with the FroFilmProject it is time to look at how you load film into an SLR. Now this may sound really simple to people who have shot film for years but these days not everyone has shot film.

Here are some things to consider when you are loading film. Before loading film you want to make sure the roll that you are going to load has not been previously exposed. Generally after shooting a roll the leader will be inside the canister.

Now that you have a new roll of film the leader will be sticking out. Place the canister in the camera pull the leader across the back until it lines up with the sprocket holes. Be extra careful not to touch the shutter at all as it is very delicate. (loading may be different from film camera to film camera). In the Nikon F5 once the film is in place all you need to do is close the back and it will advance the film into place.

On the back of the film door you will notice a pressure plate. This plate keeps the film flat so that your image can be evenly exposed. Be sure not to touch this plate as well. Sometimes you can tell the amount of film that has been through a camera by looking for scratches on the film plate.

Thank you for watching another installment of the FroFilmProject.