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Interview with Professional Photographer Rick Berk

This is an interview that I recorded with professional photographer Rick Berk. I met Rick in the late 90’s when I was just starting out shooting professional sports. I just received my first season credential to photograph the Philadelphia Flyers and Rick had been shoot them for a few years for a trading card company. I was 15 and really didn’t know what I was in for but Rick took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. Without photographers like him I would never had made down there.

There are some really great tips for photographers who are just starting out and looking to make money.  Angles to use when shooting different events such as youth sports that translate to all aspects of photography.

We hit a ton of topics over this 45 min conversation. Stick with it, listen in pieces if you have but pay attention to his RAW vs JPEG comparison. Later in the interview Rick talks about a light house image that he captured in RAW and JPEG and you can really see the difference. The JPEG was captured in the most vibrant setting on the 5dMl2 and the RAW was processed in Lightroom.

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