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Live From My Loft on my Birthday - Illinois

On Jan 21st I had a birthday party at my loft with a bunch of great friends and a great band named Illinois. You can watch the full performance below in full HD though you will see its a little on the shaky side. Keep in mind we were filming this for fun and learned quite a bit for doing this the next time.

Click Here to see all the FULL RES images

During the concert you can see me running around on and off stage capturing images. I did not plan on taking pictures but as soon as the band started to set up their gear I knew I had to grab my camera. There was something that went off in my head that said you have to shoot this. I love when that happens, everything else leaves my mind and I get into image making mode. I start to see things that draw my attention that I know I need to capture. Click Here to see all the FULL RES images.

It just felt right to capture the images in my loft. It felt like this is my place, my set up and I could do and capture whatever I wanted. As you will see in the images below, I captured a ton of angles with a bunch of lenses in black and white and color. I walk you through a large number of images from keepers to ones with slight corrections could turn into keeps.

My concert photo critique

Full LIVE performance from Illinois