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NEW BIG ASS Aluminized Prints

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Now that AdoramaPIX offers aluminized prints up to 24×36 I knew I had to place an order. Ideally I would like them to be able to make them up to 40×60 for maximum impact but this will do for now.

When I first encountered the aluminized I was amazing at their quality. It turns out that the are not infused directly into the metal but first printed via dye sublimation then infused.

The quality, color, crispness of the images are truly amazing and worthy of your photos and art.

Here is what I like about these prints. I love the fact that they are rigid and ready to hang on my wall. I don’t need to worry about paying extra for a frame or having to spend extra money to do so. I can simply clean the metal print with a non abrasive cloth and its back to being clean.

I asked AdoramaPIX to give me a code to share with you that would last longer then a week or a month. They did without hesitation and offered 15% off all aluminized printed until the ned of 2013 when you use the code pxjaredmtl .

This means a you would save $28 on a 24×36 that sells for $189. That is like getting FREE shipping and then some.

Honestly you can not go wrong with testing out these prints. They start at 5×5 and go all the way up to the 24×36 that you see in this video.