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Nikon D3200 Review

Let me start of this review by reminding you that the NIkon D3200 is a basic beginner camera. I did not set out to compare the files to this camera or that camera. I simply wanted to use the camera for what it is and review it based on it being a very basic beginner model.

With that out of the way I think this is a no questions asked hands down perfect beginner camera for anyone looking to get their first DSLR. The price is not bad at all for what the camera offers you. A new 24 megapixel sensor, fast auto focus, solid HD video and a microphone input. These are qualities that you will find in higher end cameras and this is a sign of where basic cameras are going.

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I used this camera locally in Philly, on the beach in Florida and at the BEAN and Wrigley Field in Chicago. I just used the camera, that is what its all about, getting out there and shooting and not over analyzing every single aspect of what a camera does or does not do.

Overal I think this is a SOLID SOLID camera in terms of price and quality. If I needed a third camera angle to capture video when I am recording I would have no problem picking up one of these bad boys.

Who is the Nikon D3200 for? This camera is for anyone from a stay at home mom or dad to someone who has always wanted to get into taking pictures. It is a great starting point and I fully recommend not over thinking the decision when it comes to your first camera and pick one. One recommendation that I always remind beginners about is the importance of buying good lenses. The Kit lens that the camera comes with is fine for snap shots but if your looking to get more out of your camera take a look at the Nikon 35mm 1.8. You may not understand right now the importance of better glass but over time you will see that lenses are more important than cameras.

If you think this camera is for you and you are looking to pick one up please support our friends at 215.547.2841. They have supported what I have been doing since day one no questions asked!!!

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