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Photography TIP - Condensation

How many times have you taken your camera from the air conditioning right outside into the hot weather to try and take some photos? What happens, the lens fogs up and you try to wipe it clean with your T-shirt which is a no no and doesn’t work any way.

What do you need to do to fight condensation on lenses when you go from one extreme temperature to another? There is not much you can do other than anticipate that it will happen.

If you know you will go from one extreme to another you can send someone outside with the lens you are going to want to use and have them hang out there while the lenses gets itself ready. By the time you come outside the lens will be ready to shoot.

If you are not able to get the lens acclimated with where you are shooting take the lens cap off and let the lens fog up and than def fog as it gets to the same temp. Do not try to clean it or wipe it as that will not really do anything to help speed the process.