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Portfolio Reviews!

I’m always excited to check out new work and see what you guys are working on and now I want to see your portfolios! This means I want to see your website portfolio that you consider to be your best work. There’s a big step in putting together a portfolio of work. It means you’re serious about what you’re doing and looking to present it and share it with the world the best way possible.

Portfolios should embody what you consider to be not only your best work, but what defines you as a photographer. That includes, your style and point of view. Your subject matter and concentration should be consistent, and hopefully drive potential clients or galleries to your commercial and artistic work. Everything on your portfolio doesn’t have to be commercial. In fact, having personal work on your portfolio site can often even lead to paid work!

This is the real deal, so don’t expect me to only say nice stuff about your portfolios. That doesn’t mean I’m looking to tear your work apart, but I am going to be honest and critical. If I see some real potential, I want to offer my critique to try to help you promote your work and your brand better. Take my everything I say with a grain of salt. I am only one person with one opinion and hope to offer constructive advise where ever possible.

I’m really looking forward to looking at your portfolios and posting videos with my reviews.

Email me at
Put “Portfolio” in the Subject
Past the link to your portfolio website in the body of the email.

Please do not send Flickr, Facebook or 500px galleries. I will not look at them.
Please don’t write a long email about yourself or your work. As much as I like hearing from you,
I won’t have a chance to do much more than look at your portfolio.

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