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Quick TIp - Tips for using your camera batteries in the cold

Have you ever wondered why it seems like your batteries drained quicker in the cold and what you can do to keep your batteries warm?

Many people who shoot outside are faced with needing to bring more batteries as it seems that they tend to die quicker in the cold. The cold may make your batteries last longer by slowing them down but they are not able to give you the power you need in the cold. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure that your batteries last longer outside.

Some batteries like AAA/AA may last longer in the cold but they may not give you the power that you need when you need it. Your camera batteries like in your DSLR bodies tend to drain quicker in the cold.

1. Don’t keep your cameras and batteries in your car or in a cold room. I know it sounds simple but when you leave your camera in the car or garage in the cold the batteries will not be as responsive.

2. When you are out in the cold, take your batteries out of your camera and flash and keep them close to your body. You can keep them in an inside pocket of a jacket. Be sure to have the battery covers in place so the battery contacts do not make contact with your skin.

3. Use something like a glove, scarf, sock or hat to hold your batteries inside your pocket for more protection.

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