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These Sports Photos Are In Need of Some Help, So I Helped: AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique

My first love in photography came in the way of photographing sports. I shot every event that my high school had, from football to baseball to attempting and failing and shooting volleyball.

Sports can be very difficult to shoot. Many people work on just freezing the action first before branching off into anything else. You may think that the only thing important about freezing the action is having a fast shutter speed. That is correct in some ways but if your aperture is to high or you are using slower glass you may freeze the action but the background becomes an issue.

I am going to create a video showing you that you can use a kit lens and still blow out the background but in the meantime take a look at this Rapid Fire Critique.

The photos I believe are from a schools photography program but that was all the information I had to go on.

This was a tough critique in my opinion knowing that the photos may have been taken by students. I never want to be to overly critical of someones work especially if they are a student. My goal was to give as many pointers as possible to take the images to the next level.

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