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AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique #29 - Photography Critique

Its that time again for another rapid fire critique. This set holds a mix of what I would call very solid images with a few I just don’t get. This is the straight forward critique style where I am going to say it like I see and and feel it. If I really like an images im going to tell you why and give you props. If I don’t like it im going to tell you what I think but also what I think could help save it or take it to the next level. If I flat out don’t get it for whatever reason I will just tell you I don’t get up but id love to know more about the image to help me try and see it.

Critiquing is all about getting a persons feelings on your images. A critique is based on that personas opinion and generally it is based off of their personal stye. A critique should be done with an open mind but it should not beat around the bush. It can be harsh but has to pull out positives vs just ripping something apart for shock value.

If you would like to submit your best ten images please click the submit photo button above. Keep in mind I get hundreds of submissions a month so I may not get to your set.