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RAW Edit of the WEEK #23

This week I called on a friend to step in as a special guest to see what he would do with the RAW file. It is always great to see how someone different would interpret a RAW file. Thanks to Adam Lerner for being thrown to the wolves this week.

Like last weeks train image, i think this street scene really opens up many possibilities for edits. Should it be black and white, should it be color or should it be something totally off the wall? That is where you come in, be sure to download the RAW file RIGHT HERE in the forum to try your hand. If you are not a member of the forum please join by using Facebook Connect.

Use the Facebook comment area below to leave your comments.

Be sure to keep sending your RAW files in to with files that are prime for a ton of edits.

To DOWNLOAD this weeks RAW FILE please follow THIS LINK.

Jared’s Edit 1

Jared's Edit 1

Jared’s Edit 2

Jared's Edit 2

Guest Edit 1

Guest Edit 1

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