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RAW Edit of the WEEK 57 - ScreenFlow Contest

This week we have a really sweet studio portrait to play with. I have already started to think of directions I could personally take this edit. Which way will you take it, will you go all crazy with your color edit, will you take it into photoshop for some extra tweaking here and there? What I would like to see this week is for you to do one what you would consider to be “Normal” edit followed by one that is just trying to go to extremes. CLICK HERE to download the RAW FILE


You have a chance to WIN A FREE copy of ScreenFlow which is what I use to edit all of my videos and record my screens to show you how I work on the computer. Here is what you need to do, record a ScreenFlow editing todays RAW File and upload it to YouTube as a video response to Raw Edit 57. (ScreenFlow is Mac only and you can download a Trial Copy RIGHT HERE . ScreenFlow will watermark your video but that is ok for this content. If you do not have a MAC you can still enter to win some other cool prizes. There has to be 20 or more video responses for me to give away the FREE Copy of ScreenFlow this week.