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Edit this RAW File Week 56 - Jared and Adams Edit

Everyone seemed to LOVE this RAW Edit of the DOG!!! It is always amazing to see what GREAT GLASS will do to your images. This Canon 85 F1.2 is one of the best lenses ever made. That is right, i said this Canon lenses is one of the best ever made. If I could have any lens on the canon side it would be this 85 1.2 to use for stills and video.

This week I laid out my plan of attack for you before I dove into the image. I thought this was a fun edit as the colors were very strong, the focus was right on and there were many directions to take this image.

Adam did a great job with his edit as well. He tossed in there a black and white and color this week. I really like the process he goes through when deciding what direction he is going to go.

If you did not get a chance to edit this RAW File feel free to CLICK HERE to access the file in the forum.

FroKnowsPhoto RAW Edit 56 Jared

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