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Edit this RAW File week 75 - SONY Girl

This week we have a file from a Sony A550 DSLR. This is one of the first times that we have had a Sony RAW file to work with. The thing about this image is there is something there but its far away. We have an attractive model in a not so bad pose but the image needs to be saved.

How would you edit it, how will you save it, will you go black and white, split tone, leave it color or do some other kind of extreme edit. I think you all may end up cropping this image to make the composition much better and I will be doing that as well. I was pretty surprised to see how well the RAW file held up when cropped to an extreme amount.

Have fun and lets see some crazy edits this week.

Click the image below to download this weeks RAW FILE

FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 75