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How To Build a Photography Portfolio for College Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 I was helping Sam try to figure out his style as well as sending him off to capture more images for us to choose from. Part 3 brings this process to a close when we start to narrow down all of his images to the 10 keepers for his portfolio.

I want to point out that I am not telling Sam what images he has to use in his portfolio. I am merely giving my professional opinion on what I think would work best for his college entrance portfolio. I mention that a few ties to him, that I think this would be a strong image but if there is another image you feel strongly about feel free to use it.

At the end of this video I left Sam to pick the 10 images he best thinks represents his photography. I was only his guide and sounding board in the process. Sure I have my opinions on what could be used and what may work better but in the end it comes down to Sam.

That brings up an interest point as well. There are so many opinions out there, so many people calling themselves experts and telling you to listen to them or else. Don’t fall into that trap, ask a lot of questions of as many people you can while taking everything they say and filing it away to make your own decision. In the end you need to listen to yourself, you need to make the final decision based off of everything you know and not just one persons recommendation, remember that!!