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Silver Efex Pro 2 24x36 Side by Side + Contest

I have always had a thing for printing big prints. Back in college when everyone else was printing 8×10 or 11×14 for their portfolio’s I was hand printing 16×20 color full frame prints. There is just something about large prints that I really love.

I feel that it shows quality, having the ability to have your images printed at larger sizes without loosing anything says something.

If you recall a little while ago I was testing out Silver Efex Pro 2 and really thought it made the image below go to 11. Out of the two edits that I did one with Lightroom and one with Silver Efex Pro 2, I took a liking to the more contrast in the Silver Efex Pro 2. But the only real way to figure out which edit is better is to get an actual print made. Sure they may look great on the screen with backlight but how would they hold up when printed.

When I unrolled the 24×36 poster prints from AdoramaPix I could really tell that the edit done with Silver Efex Pro 2 popped much more. If you were to see each image separately you probably would like both but when they are side by side the thickness of the blacks really make you see how the plug in works.

Here is information on the contest. Below you will see a facebook comment box, please comment on what photographer or photographers inspire you and why. Be sure to LIKE FroKnowsPhoto on Facebook for bonus points. I will be selecting a winner at Random from the answers that are left. Good LUCK

Adobe Lightroom vs Silver Efex Pro 2

The winner of the contest is Chase Schiefer, he was the 43rd comment out of 125 original comments on the web page. I used as you can see form the image to randomly select the winner. Congrats to Chase who will be getting this signed 24×36 black and white print!!!