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Super Secret Project Autofocus Modes Explained

Welcome to another installment of the D3000/D3100 Super Secret Project. That is right, it looks like the D3100 from NIKON has been outed by a German Magazine. From what I have read it is looking to be a real step forward for beginners in terms of image quality. I will get more into that in my next Rumors Video.

Now lets get into Autofocus modes that are available on just about all new cameras. There are two modes that you will find yourself using all the time. Those are AF-C (Continuos) and AF-S (Single). In AF-C as long as your finger is pressed down half way on the shutter button it will continue to focus. It will also track subjects from one focus point to the next depending on how you have your camera set. Continuous focus is best used when you are shooting moving subjects such as kids, sports, concerts etc.

In continuos focus you have the option to select your focusing point which allows you to select where your focus will be. For example if you are focused on a subject on the left side of the frame and they move to the center focus point the camera will track the subject to that point. I will have to do a video on the different focus tracking modes you can use.

The second focusing mode that I you will use all the time is AF-S or Servo or I call Single Focus. In this mode when you press half way down on the shutter button and lock your focus in as long as you do not release your finger from the shutter button the focus will stay locked. This mode is best used when you are shooting objects that will not be moving such as landscapes, still life’s and portraits.

I like to use single focus when shooting portraits because the subject will not be moving to much. For basic head shots you can focus on the eye and recomposing the image. Remember as long as your finger stays pressed half way down on the shutter button your focus will stay locked. Keep in mind if you lock your focus in and you move or your subject moves you will need to refocus the images. I like to constantly refocus when I am shooting on AF-S because I like to make sure my images is as tight as possible in terms of focus.