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Super Secret Project Concert Photo Critique

In photography it is always a good excursive to let others critique your work. I know I have a tough time taking corrective criticism but when it comes from someone in the know it is much easier to accept. For this weeks Super Secret Project I go through photos from Mr Gizzy Style himself that he took at a recent SINAI show.

Keep in mind Gizzy is shooting with the Nikon D3000, Nikon 35 F/1.8 and Sigma 70-200 F/2.8 version II. Gizzy pretty much has reached the limitations of his starter camera and over the next few months we will start to explore options for him to progress in his 5 year plan.

In this critique you will see me go through what I think are solid killer shots that Gizzy captured to shots that were slightly off and how they could have been better. A lot of the misses were not his fault. The combination of the limitations of his camera along with the lack of any front lighting during the show effected his final product. You will see at the end of the critique I show gizzy some of what I captured and even with the D3S the light caused m to shoot at 8000 ISO and still had misses due to lighting.

I really think there are a lot of great tips in this critique that will help you guys capture better images not just at concerts but in many different lighting situations. Check out the video below as well as the full slide show of Gizzy’s photos.