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Super Secret Project - Passion

Passion, what is it where does it come from? For me passion is doing something you love to the full extent without worrying about time, money or anything else. Sure you have to worry about time, money and everything else but when you do what your passionate about you get something better, happiness.

My butt was kicked last night with reality by a show about a rock photographer from the 60’s70’s and today. (Rock Prophases the photographer is Robert Knight on PBS) Some of the things he was saying are things I say to myself in my head or worry about or think about. Am I doing this right, will still be relevant tomorrow am i good at what I do. That is the artist in me, always questioning, always trying to one up myself and everyone else.

It all comes down to my passion for what I love, capturing images that tell stories. Getting access to places other can never get access to. I love going to shoot musicians and artists. It centers my world, its like my yoga, calming and puts me into the zone. I get into shooting mode which for me is calm, thinking, observing and many times seeing the image before it happens. Im always looking when im in the zone, looking for that next image, the next moment I need to capture.

It is all about my passion for what I do. I know that I need to do other photo related jobs that pay the bills but doing those other jobs let you focus on what you are passionate about. They supply the funds to allow you to travel around and capture what it is you love. There is always a way to make it, if you want it you have to go take it. You can not give in or give up to “the man”. Everyone can do this, if you have that passion you will make it happen.

Just know its a long road to get to where you going, but the journey you take a long the way makes you who you are as a persona and a photographer. I am living my life now by following my passion, writing my own checks, doing what I need to do to get where I want to go.