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The Truth About Photography: Harsh Honest Critiques Are The Only Way

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Don’t Miss This ALL OUT Double Banger Photo/Website Critique with 10% More YELLING (Original Title)

As you can tell from the title you might be in for something pretty interesting especially because I said Critique. Or maybe it’s because of the 10% More Yelling statement that grabbed you.

What we have here is the very first Double Banger aka a AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique wrapped into a Squarespace Rapid Fire Critique. Generally I do one or the other but this site called for both.

This time around we have Mark Mclvaine who so happens to be an Antonelli Institute student and a friend of Mr Sam Green. Mark asked me to critique his new Squarespace site and I took it upon myself to dive head first into an all out critique.

First things first he let me know that he only spent an hour or two getting his new site set up. Honestly that is not a lot of time to spend and shows you how easy and effective Squarespace is. With that said there are some things that show he only spent a little bit of time on the design.

The template that he used is called “WELLS” which is the same one I use on Mark created a very functional website that showcases his best work first which so happens to be the commercial section. The other sections after could probably be thinned out slightly as you will hear in my in-depth critique.

Remember that yelling thing I was talking about in the title? Well, yelling doesn’t always mean bad, in this case I was yelling at the quality of work Mark was creating in the studio. His set up shots are fantastic and could be used for advertisements as we speak. But I did yell at the shoes pictures he posted as they just didn’t fit the flow of the portfolio.

Building a portfolio is very important. Selecting which images make it and which images don’t is paramount. A bad image can mess with the flow of the portfolio and leave a person with a bad taste in their mouth.

Mark is on the right path and with a little more time and tweaking spent on his site he will have a more previsional functioning and looking site than many other photographers out there.

I personally use Squarespace for and love how simple and easy the site is to build. I love the massive knowledge base and the 24/7 tech support that they offer. Beyond that you really have to just try it out for yourself and once you do I am pretty confident that you will like it.

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