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What's In my BAG Film Edition - Adam Lerner

Adam just posted his latest video and he shows off some of his film camera collection. He shows everything from regular 35mm film cameras to a 120 Film Camera.

If you have never shot film now is honestly a great time to pick up an old fully manual camera and just try it out. I still have my old film cameras sitting around though I don’t go out and shoot them as much as Adam shoots his.

What is great about shooting film after shooting digital for so long is the reassurance than you can still do it. What I mean by that is you get so used to taking a picture looking at it and than making corrections based on how it looks on the camera.

When you are shooting Film you have to have a better feel for the light, the meter and the situation. For example if you are shooting a subject against a very bright background and your meter tells you its 1/2000th you have to know that the meter is reading the background and not the subject. You can’t take a test shot and see that the subject is totally dark and than correct it. You really have to know it and than compensate based on what the person is being metered at.

I could go on for ever about film and maybe Adam and I will make a few videos together in regards to film.