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Where I get my Big ASS prints made

I LOVE making large prints!!!! My current portfolio is made up of 30×45’s and 40×60’s and I want to add some 50×80’s. There are not to many places around that can do “wet prints” in such large sizes. I use a small place called Taylor Photo in Princeton NJ. Taylor has been around for 23 years and is another Mom and Pop shop that I like to support. I sent them full res exported JPEG’s from RAW files for them to print from. Also the print that you see in the video is “encapsulated” it is better than lamination and a great way to display and protect your prints.

As you will see from the video they have the equipment to make some really amazing prints on all different types of materials. If you would like to get real professional photos printed please e mail and ask for the Fro Price.

To see the process I used to edit this wedding photo please Click Here.