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We shoot tons of digital images. Mostly posting them on our websites, facebook, and instagram. Taking the time to make actual prints is so gratifying. There’s something about seeing your work printed. The color, the depth, the details. So much that you may disregard when glancing on screen.

I thought a lot about how I wanted to make these prints. You see, I spent an amazing week in Cuba last year and made a lot of images that I feel really connected to. Something really clicked in my brain about slowing down, and taking more time with my photos.

To resist the compulsion to shoot a ton of images in a new place and really think about the images, subjects, time of day, composition and common threads.

I’ve only ever printed on paper. In college while studying photography, I had my own darkroom where I processed and printed all my black and whites. There was something so amazing about being connected to the photos in a way that we take for granted today. However aside from seeing the processed negatives, making actual prints was where the magic happened. The way the tones appeared on the paper and all the subtleties.

I’d been toying with the idea of doing the aluminum prints. The few times I’ve seen other peoples aluminized prints, I thought they looked good, not great, however, it’s clear the technology has gotten way more refined over the years. I started the process by having Adoramapix print me a test print. Well, I ordered a small version of an image, 12” x 8”. I was stunned. I chose the white satin coating which gives beautiful color rendition on a matte finish. I love the look of matte and chose the white coating rather than silver because I wanted to be sure keep things from going too contrasty.

Being that I loved the look of that print, I ordered a bunch more. Two 24” x 36” and two 16” x 24”. The results are awesome. Know that I am not sponsored or endorsed by Adoramapix, but can say that they do a fine job and their pricing is very fair. I should also mention that not only did they print and ship quickly, but my prints were beautifully packed.

My message is that if you’ve been toying with the idea of making prints, do it. I’m not suggesting you do aluminized prints necessarily, but can say that the quality has gotten great. And the prints come with mounting already installed so they’re stand-alone prints that require no framing. I love the look of framed photos, but these aluminum prints look great on their own.

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