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How Its Made - Big Ass Photographic Prints from Taylor Photo

I love BIG ASS PRINTS, but how are they made? I took a ride over to TaylorPhoto to find out their process for going from digital file to real photographic print to art encapsulation. I personally have over 20 of these prints hanging in my loft that are size 30×45 to 40×60.

As you will see in the video the poster prints are done on real photographic paper not ink jet. As I have said in the past, you can not match the quality of a REAL Photographic print.

This is how it works. You send in your hi-res image ready for print. That file gets sent to a special machine which exposes Fuji Crystal Archival Paper with LED light opposed to light passing through a negative. The paper is than taken to an RA4 processor which processes the exposed paper. For those who are not familiar with this process, the exposed paper is fed through a processor that uses different chemicals to develop, wash, fix and dry your image. After your images are out of the processor they are than trimmed, rolled with a lint roller as they are prepped to be encapsulated.

The reason I use encapsulation opposed to framing my images is because of the size of the prints. When you have such large prints framing becomes extremely expensive and heavy. The art encapsulation allows me to hang large prints easily wherever I would like. Once the prints have been encapsulated your prints are protected from just about anything.

If you are interested in getting the “Big Ass Prints” made please contact Ron Eckert or call 800-290-8371. Be sure to tell him the Fro sent you.

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