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Please don't choose the WRONG font and text color like this site did: Rapid Fire Website Critique

Welcome to another Squarespace Rapid Fire Website Critique where I critique one of your websites no matter what platform it’s built on. If you don’t have your own website just yet please check out to get your 14 day FREE trial. It’s what I use for my personal portfolio.

If you choose the wrong font and text color it will make your site almost impossible to read. I like some of the functionally on this website, I like how the images shift when you select a specific gallery.

What I don’t like is the about page coming first at the top of the page. On top of that when I got into the about page section I had trouble reading the text. One the font was not easy to read and two the color was a light grey which pretty much got lost on the background. I know I have trouble seeing and if I have to strain to read something I will pass it by.

I have said this time and time again. If you’re going to have a blog on your page you better keep it up to date. If your months behind what type of message does that send to someone who is finding your site? Either keep it updated once a week at the very least or turn it off all together.